Conference rug

Event carpet for a conference or business event.

Are you responsible for the events within your organization and are you looking for a solution to dress up an event. Then look no further, Dutch Event Carpets is a specialist in supplying, laying and removing carpet.

On this page we have selected the products we recommend for an exhibition, grand-opening, premiere or a conference. If you only want a red carpet at the entrance we recommend stage. This quality is available in almost any color and gives a good atmosphere at the entrance of your customers, guests or colleagues.

It is also possible to cover an entire room with one or more colors, for this we recommend expostyle. If your event is well filled with people, choose a bright color so that the carpet gives atmosphere at all times and the color jumps through the people.

Furthermore, it is possible to give your event a personal touch. This can be done through print carpet. For example, you can incorporate your company logo into the carpet.

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