Frequently Asked Questions

We have many different types of carpet in our range, suitable for any type of event. Our qualities are divided into needle felt, velour, high pile and specials. So there is always a suitable carpet to find. 

Would you like a different surface for your event, such as vinyl or artificial grass. We also have an extensive selection of these qualities. 

Do you want to install the carpet yourself and are looking for the right tape to do so. At Dutch Event Carpets we have several types of tape in our assortment.  

Our range offers tapes for taping carpet edges, among other things. Double-sided, removable tape for attaching carpet to floors. As well as Gaffer tape in various colors.  

We make sure you get the right tape and tape color to go with your carpet. 

Our rolls of carpet have a minimum size of 60m2 (30 x 2). It is always possible to get carpet on coupage. If you need a different size, please send an email to

A quote request can be made using the "request a quote" button.

Via the quotation form you can indicate your wishes. Once we receive the form we will send you a customized quote as soon as possible.  

If you are still not quite sure about the color and dimensions you can also just send an email with your request to We will then send a customized quote as soon as possible.

Fixing carpet yourself doesn't have to be difficult. We are happy to explain in our tutorials how you can tackle simple projects yourself. See here for instructions.  

If you still have problems or if you prefer us to lay the carpet for you, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you. or call 0320-337373.

Onthem pvc floors its available in solid colors, wood look and concrete look and much more. 

For orders of rolls of 2/3/4 meters we charge € 52.50 transport costs. Orders of 300m2 or more of the same quality will be delivered free of charge. 

Various qualities are suitable for outdoor use. Please inquire for appropriate advice.

In our range of glitter carpet, we have a choice of 10 colors of glitter carpet. 

You can choose from the following colors of glitter carpet. Gold glitter, Red glitter, White glitter, Silver glitter, Pink glitter, Green glitter, Purple glitter, Blue glitter, Black with gold glitter and Black with silver glitter. 

If you do not see the color glitter you are looking for, please send an email and we will look for it together. 

You can send us the file you want printed via email.  

For print carpet or print vinyl, consider the specification below. 

 - Submit at 100%, minimum 100 dpi, CMYK / RGB  
- Fonts and characters converted to outlines  
- Cut and help marks in a separate layer  
- When submitting a file, customer is always responsible for copyrights.  
- Colors may differ from screen colors  
- Deliver in vector (ai, eps, pdf) or in pixel (psd, psb, tiff) 

A floor covering with print we can deliver within 14 days after design approval. 

Of you are looking for a white runner, a red carpet or a runner in a differente color. You can order a runner in any color from our range. Let us know to what color and quality runner je are looking for we will gladly send you a proposal without obligation. 

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