In addition to our commitment to making your event shine, we have also been committed to sustainability and the environment for years. We believe it is important to contribute to a better environment through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We do this not only by using sustainable products. Also within the organization we take the necessary measures to be as sustainable as possible.


At Dutch Event Carpets, we carry a wide range of fully recyclable expo and event carpets. These qualities are known in the market for their sustainability. Because these products are 100% recyclable, they reduce CO2 emissions by 50% compared to regular waste disposal.

Many of our vinyl flooring is also recyclable. After use, it can be separated from the backing. This allows the waste residue to be reused in a manufacturing process.

GUT label

We care about the environment and are committed to the efficient use of energy and raw materials. Most of our collections have a GUT label. This is awarded to floor coverings and carpets produced with respect for the environment, the safety of individuals and for comfort, throughout the product's life cycle.

Sustainability measures

We are well aware that both large and small changes affect our environment. Therefore, we have also taken the necessary measures within our organization to contribute so much to a better environment.  Of course, we will continue to see where we can take the necessary measures in the future. Some examples of these measures are:

Solar panels.
For several years we have been using solar panels. The roof of our warehouse is fully equipped with solar panels. This has significantly reduced our daily power consumption. 

LED lighting.
Within our company we use LED lighting. This results in considerable energy savings and this greatly reduces the burden on the environment.

Electric forklifts.
We use electric forklifts: Unlike gas and diesel forklifts, our forklifts run without emissions of pollutants and exhaust fumes.

Sustainable packaging.
The film used to wrap the rolls of carpet and vinyl is regenerable and recyclable. We try to reduce our energy consumption as much as possible. For example, rooms that are not in use are not heated unnecessarily.

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